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Cataract Blindness

Cataract is the leading cause of treatable blindness in the world. The word “Cataract” originates from the Greek and Latin translations meaning “Waterfall”.

This describes the whitish appearance of rapidly running water at the bottom of a waterfall. A cataract is the clouding of the crystalline lens which is located behind the iris. This whitish/yellow clouding occurs as a result of the denaturing of the protein lens fibres that make up the lens.

The most common causes are ageing, exposure to ultra-violet radiation and infra-red radiation, diabetes, certain medications and trauma. The symptoms associated with cataract are blurred or hazy vision, impairment of colour vision and glare.

Cataract can only be treated by surgery. This is by referral to an Ophthalmologist (Eye Surgeon) following an eye examination, who will then remove the lens and replace it with an Artificial Implant to restore the sight. We actively refer most patients in Leicestershire via the Direct Cataract Referral Service on the NHS.

Normal Sight Vision with Cataracts

pdficon large  Cataract Blindness - Download PDF from The Eye Care Trust with more infomation.


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